Google Gallery (Material Design)


最近看见上更新了很多软件,其中有Gallery, Remixer, Resizer, Stage 和 Color tool


根据官网的配图,Gallery很有可能通过Drop Box和Google Drive同步PS,Sketch,AI的文件。极有可能可以直接生成预览图甚至在线进行简单编辑,进行产品设计图的迭代

Design collaboration, simplified.



Gallery is a shared home for your team's design work, so you can easily find, present, and get feedback on the work that matters. Gallery是一个用来同步团队的设计工作环境,所以你可以很容易地找到并呈现当前状态,并就重要的工作得到实时反馈。

##Find the right work Gallery organizes all of your design artifacts – from images to prototypes – in one place. Your iterations can be shared with the right people and managed over time, so everyone can find the work they need without hunting through folders. Gallery将您的所有设计工件 - 从图片到原型 - 保存在同一个地方。您可以重复使用进行共享,以及随着时间的推移管理,让每个人都能找到自己所需要部分,而无需通过文件夹寻找他们需要的部分。

##Present designs quickly Gallery generates a lightweight presentation that you can share with a simple link. With native Android and iOS apps, your shared work can be viewed in context and is accessible anywhere. Gallery生成一个轻量级的演示文稿并且你可以用一个简单的链接共享它。随着原生Android和iOS的应用,您共享的设计稿可以在图片中任何地方进行访问。

##Better design communication Request and track feedback for every design iteration. Your team can discuss images and videos as easily as they would in person, making it easy to move projects forward. 请求和跟踪每一个设计的迭代反馈。您的团队可以像面对面一样地讨论的您的图像和视频,从而轻松推进的项目的前进。

##Everything you make Simplify your workflow without changing the way you work. From the first wireframe to the last prototype, Gallery helps make your team be more productive and efficient. 简化您的工作流程却不改变你的工作方式。从第一个线框到最后的原型,Gallery可以让你的团队更加高效。

PS:目前还处于Early Request中,我已经申请了内测,不造什么时候可以通过